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Craigslist gave in to long-applied pressure this past September when it shut down its Adult Services section across the United States. Attorneys general from 17 states gathered to write a public-facing letter that argued the classified ad website was facilitating both child trafficking and prostitution. Craigslist supporters declared the move a blow to free speech.


How will those people react when they learn that Craigslist has shut down Adult Services on all of its sites around the world? But now the exclusion of that category has expanded to for all sites in 70 countries where users to Craigslist, a according to Wired's Ryan Singelwho noticed " the unannounced disappearance of the section from the international versions of the site.

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In some countries, such as Thailand, my native land, where I'm visiting for the holidays, therapeutic services may very well now be the go-to place for finding that extra something something. I clicked on a "5 Star Massage" which led to a link that looks suspiciously escort-like, with silhouettes of nude girls.

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Oh, and this small banner ad was probably a giveaway, too: "Undress her! Some are genuine escorts in Seattle!

Also over in Craigslist Paris"Young Thai boy for a sensual massage" also fell under the therapeutic services category. Popular Latest.

Prostitutes in Atlantic craigslist

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