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News » Cover Story. The New Age During a vision quest in the mountains of Higher Ground innot long before she left, she had a revelation that she was an ancient soul whose return to the Earth had been foretold by prophets past.

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The Lakota people of the Great Plains have a legend of a mystical White Buffalo Calf Woman who brought the tribe a peace pipe, a sacred tool. Or was I simply an archetype or perhaps even a wannabe?

Personals in Utah, USA

Induring six months in a wheelchair following a car accident in Riverton correction: the location of the crash was originally misreported in which her passenger, a close friend, was killed, Janae was reinvigorated with a lust for life that had been lost after leaving her husband and family.

She met her current husband, Brad Bird, shortly after the crash. Janae studied acupuncture and massage, thinking those skills would complement her knowledge of herbs and yoga.

Personals in Utah, USA

She dreamed of opening her own natural-medicine healing center. Tensions eased with Kurt, so visiting the children grew easier. Her 10 children have all chosen their own spiritual paths--one has chosen mainstream LDS faith-- correction: the of children who follow mainstream LDS faith was originally misreported but multiple family members say the clan all gets along well and none of her children are judgmental of her faith. Inshe graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy.

Personals in Utah, USA

She moved to Las Vegas, got a job at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, which sent her to The Watsu School at Harbin Hot Springs in California to be trained in Watsu, or water shiatsu, a massage therapy that adds buoyancy to the experience. After learning that after-class activities were clothing-optional and teachings incorporated Tantric philosophies, husband Brad accompanied her correction: the time and place that nudity was acceptable was originally misreported. Creepy people started calling.

Personals in Utah, USA

Nevertheless, besides the creeps, she met men who suffered from sexual dysfunctions and precancerous prostate conditions. There was an opportunity, she says, to help the community utilize energies—including sexual energies—that many individuals have repressed for most of their lives, which may be unhealthy.

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New research suggests men over 50 who ejaculate at least once per week have lower risks of prostate cancerfor example. Janae came to respect her spiritual calling more than the law.

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Second, Janae believes sexual energy is just one of several chakras, no more perverted than the others. Third, Janae is indignant about her rights: she believes now, as then, that religious freedom should protect her work.

Personals in Utah, USA

Those are a dime a dozen. I am about holistic energy.

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Rather, it was explained to each member verbally as they ed. That did not protect her from arrest, however, nor did it stop the City of Holladay from revoking her businessa decision she hopes to appeal, but finding an attorney she can afford has been difficult since her spa business was shut down.

She now qualifies for a public defender in her criminal case. After his arrest inhe faced decades in prison for distributing peyote to church members of his Okleveuha Native American Church —many of whom were not Native American. That case was dismissed in Then the U. Unrelated to Mooney but during his case, however, the U. Supreme Court ruled that a New Mexico religious sect was entitled to ayahuascaa controlled substance derived from a Brazilian vine, to fulfill its religious duties.

Personals in Utah, USA

Janae recently invited Mooney to Heartsong, where a group of her friends and clients gathered to hear him speak. Golden Eagle grows cannabis and says cancer can be cured with marijuana. He says the Utah Supreme Court has rejected the idea that religion-based, illegal sexual practices should be protected by the free-exercise clause First Amendment. McCullough referred to a case, State v.

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The court deferred to the U. Supreme Court precedent set in Reynolds v. United Statesthe U. Miller says situations in which there is no victim and religion plays a role could be handled more leniently by prosecutors and judges, if the facts of the case warrant it—but, Miller believes, there should be no categorical exceptions to prostitution laws.

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Miller contrasted prostitution to sodomy, a practice that she says has no innocent third-party victim. Inthe U. Supreme Court agreed. In Lawrence v. Texas, the court found that consenting adults have a right to sexual practices —in that case, homosexual sodomy—in the privacy of their homes without suffering the social stigma of arrest.

Personals in Utah, USA

In sum, to win her case and set a new precedent—as Janae dreams of doing—she would have to convince the courts that the Ananda Nirvana is harmless like sodomy, not harmful like polygamy allegedly is. It may be tough, but Janae is feeling bold. She may have to prove also that her New Age religious beliefs are sincere and that the Ananda Nirvana is a bona fide expression of that religion.

Asked to describe what she believes and how that inspired her work, Janae cites yet another ancient philosophy. March 1, Full text. Facts matter.

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Truth matters. Journalism matters.

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Craigslist Holladay sex

3 of 3 The New Age During a vision quest in the mountains of Higher Ground innot long before she left, she had a revelation that she was an ancient soul whose return to the Earth had been foretold by prophets past. Full text 1 2 3.

Personals in Utah, USA

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Personals in Utah, USA

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